The average hold time for an incoming call to a business is 45 seconds. Someone has called you and is in a receptive frame of mind.

What will your caller hear?

Caller feels forgotten or disconnected and may hang up because the time seems too long.

Radio or Licensed Music
Caller can be aggravated by static, music style; or they may hear your competitors’ advertising.

Hold-Time Advantage
Caller is captivated by a compelling message with useful
information. The time seems much shorter and company
image and sales are enhanced.

Let us help you to plan a HOLD-TIME ADVANTAGE marketing program to keep them as customers and interest new customers through the power of effective on-hold messages.

An important potential client calls your office. In the next 10 seconds that customer waits on hold, he or she is already learning something about your company. What the customer learns is what you choose to tell them, perhaps news of a special promotion or the answer to a question.

You spend many advertsing dollars to reach your markets and sell your goods and services. When your advertising works, potential customers will call for additional information and to make purchases. The majority of these callers are placed on hold. Silence or music alone can’t help turn your callers into customers.

Improve your image.

• Create an increase in customer awareness and consumer awareness about you.

• Reach the right person...a customer or person who wants to be your customer.

• See a sales increase by creating more sales opportunities.

With the push of your hold button, your best prospects can hear about your products and services, special events, sales, and promotions. Use this time to explain why they are on hold and give valuable information that will speed their requests once they reach the appropriate person. Impatient customers are soothed, customer relations are improved, and your staff can work more productively. In today's competitive market can you afford to ignore your callers waiting on hold for even one more day??? Waiting in silence or listening to soft music can see like an eternity. Often callers become bored and hang up. However, this could be your opportunity to turn a negative situation into a positive and profitable encounter.

When callers are holding, you have their undivided attention. What better time to inform customers about your products and services, as well as to thank them for calling. And, what better way to redirect your caller's thoughts from the fact that they are on hold than with interesting information. This can only improve customer relations and sales.

You spend money on advertising to make your phone ring. Let HTA insure that your advertising investment is not lost. Give your callers more reasons to spend money with your company.

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